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The following list includes persons who have paid dues for the present membership year, 2007, as of August 28, 2007. We have retained persons who were members in 2006 also.
If your information is incorrect, please send the correct information to Ben Marshall. We have removed the contact information for security reasons. If you wish to contact one of the members, please email Ben Marshall and he will provide you with the information.


Dori L. Baker (06)
Assistant Professor of Christian Education, Union-PSCE

Theodore Brelsford (06)
Assistant Professor of Religion and Education, Emory University/Candler School of Theology
Emory University,

Jimmy Carr (06)
Executive Director, Southeast Jurisdiction

Marvin Carr
Associate Professor of Christian Education, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Gladys Childs
Adjunct Professor of Religion, Texas Wesleyan University

Phyllis Costen
Professor Emerita, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Margaret Ann Crain
Associate Professor of Christian Education, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Joseph V. Crockett, Director of Research, American Bible Society

Marvin Cropsey (06)
Editor,Adult Curriculum Materials, United Methodist Publishing House

Julie Dowler
Director of Educational Ministries, Centenary UMC

Fred P. Edie
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Christian Education, Duke Divinity School

Don Emler
Professor of Religion, Oklahoma City Univ, Oklahoma City, OK

Charles R. Foster
Professor Emeritus, Candler School of Theology

Richard H. Gentzler
Director, Center on Aging and Older Adult Ministries

Mary Alice Gran
Director, Ministries with Children, General Board of Discipleship

Karen A. Greenwaldt (06)
General Secretary, General Board of Discipleship

Susan Hay
Director, Ministries With Youth, General Board of Discipleship

Betsy Heavner.....(06)
Director, Congregational Leadership Formation, General Board of Discipleship

Lisa M. Hess
Assistant Professor, Practical Theology and Context Ministry, United Theological Seminary

Arlene Hewitt
On Leave

Diana L. Hynson
Director, Learning and Teaching Ministries, General Board of Discipleship

Debora Barabosa Agra Junker
Assistant Professor of Christian Education, Christian Theological Seminary

Angela Gay Kinkead
Dean of the Chapel, West Virginia Wesleyan College

Carol Krau
Director, Christian Formation and Spiritual Leadership, General Board of Discipleship

J. F. Lacaria (06)
Associate Director, West Virginia Annual Conference

Boyung Lee (06)
Assistant Professorof Educational Ministries, Pacific School of Religion

Randy G. Litchfield
Professor of Christian Education, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Mary A. Love...(06)
Adjunct Professor of Christian Education, Hood Theological Seminary

Cheryl Magrini
Minister of Christian Education, Chicago Temple, Chicago, Ill.

R. Ben Marshall
Retired Elder and UMASCE Executive Secretary

Sondra Matthaei
Professor of Christian Education, St. Paul School of Theology

Taylor McConnell Emeritus Professor of Christian Education, Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary

R. Lee McKinzie (06)
Minister of Discipleship, Broadmoor UMC, Baton Rouge, La

Patty Meyers
Chair, Department of Christian Education and Youth Ministry and Assoc. Professor of C.E. and Music, Pfeiffer University

Mary Elizabeth Moore
Director, Women's Program and Professor of Religion and Education, Candler School of Theology

Alan J. Moore
Professor Emeritus at Claremont School of Theology

Diane C. Olson....(06)
Minister of Discipleship and Education, Fridley UMC, Fridley, MN

Elizabeth Box Price
Retired, Professor of Christian Education, Phillips Theological Seminary

D. Bruce Roberts
Professor or Christian Education, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN

Frances J. Rofrano (06)
Doctoral Candidate, Columbia Univ., NYC and Director of Early Education Center, Vassar College

Jack Seymour (06)
Professor of Religious Education and Dean, Garrett-Evangelical Theolgical Seminary

Nelle G. Slater
Professor Emeritus, Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, IN

Sung Jacob Sohn
Doctoral Student/Myra House, Claremont School of Theology

Jesse Sowell (05)
Professor of Religion, Texas Wesleyan University

Wanda Stahl
Director of Resourcing Ministries, New England Conference, UMC

Mai-Anh Tran
Asst. Professor Religious Education and Asian American Culture
Pacific School of Religion

Susan E. Willhauck
Associate Professor of Christian Formation, Wesley Theological Seminary

Tim Van Meter
Asst. Professor of Christian Education and Youth Ministry
Methodist Theolgical School of Ohio

Anita Wood
Director, Professional Ministry Development
General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

Dawn Young
Director of Christian Education
Louisiana Annual Conference