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After Christendom: Faith Formation in a Post-Religious World

We will be resuming conversations from past Consultations and continue to explore what Christian Faith Formation needs to look like and how we equip leaders in our post-Christendom context. At this gathering we plan to:

Listen to the voices of young people and others sharing how they find meaning, faith, identity and purpose.
Pay attention to the questions people are asking..
Explore how what wea re learniang neends to inform our teaching, planning, curriculum development, leadershipship development and so forth.
Identify how UMASCE needs to proceed to participate in the formation of "spiritual practices that shape devotion, character, and ethics" (p. 238, Christianity After Religion), creating sacred communities of performance where the faithful learn the script of God's story, rehearse the reign of God, experience delight, surprise, and wonder, and participate fully in the play"(p. 261, Ibid.)

Highlands Presbyterian Camp and Retreat Center, Allenspark, Colorado.

For Registration contact Ben Marshall at