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Welcome to the UMASCE web site! We hope that you can find here what you are seeking. Use the links in the right hand box above to navigate the site. If you need information you cannot find here, just email us at

A New Direction for UMASCE

Recently, at the 2017 Consultation, the participants charted a different course for UMASCE.

UMASCE began in the 1970’s as a way for UM Scholars and scholars in UM schools to interact with staffs of the then Board of Education and the UM Publishing House. Over the years that interaction has decreased for many different reasons, but now there will be efforts to reinstate it, but in a different way—through the internet.

Beginning this Fall, Staff persons in Discipleship Ministries and the Publishing House will work with a UMASCE Transition Team to begin to set up online consultations open to scholars and other agency staff members. Details will come in future emails and on this website.

UMASCE Officers and Teams

President: dawn Young

Vice-President: Virginia Lee

Design Team Members :Tanya Campen, Emily Peck-McClain, Jonathan LeMaster-Smith

Executive Secretary: Ben Marshall

Transition Team: Randy Litchfield, Emily Peck-McClain, Jack Seymour